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Shell & Spatial structures

The main trend of todays architecture is the use of natural forms inspired by mother-Nature. Regular rectilinear or cubic shapes are becoming less popular with the architects, who now draw their inspiration from natural environment, like sea waves or foam, tree leaves, bird nests or spiderweb, weaving boldly very unusual shapes and elements into the architecture of buildings. With many people wishing to have excellent light transmission in their rooms, structural glazing helps to create new shapes and forms with special focus on the architecture of shell and spatial structures of the buildings. Shell & spatial structures are rigid thin-walled structures with bent surface. They allow covering vast space with no interior supports, using only self-supporting properties of the structure itself.
Required stiffness of the structure is achieved by special engineering techniques aimed at changing the geometry; in this way it is not necessary to reinforce the structure with additional metal parts.

Such shell & spatial structures help to create facades and roofs showing off with their most unusual and intricate shapes.
EAGs Five S structural glazing is ideal for creating any type of shell & spatial structures. Substructure elements are made of stainless steel; the unique fastening system for insulating glass units ensures precise joining of elements, modular structure (cartridges) enables to considerably shorten the mounting time.

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