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Structural Glazing "FIVE S"


About "FIVE S" technology

Euro-American Glazing offers new generation of glass facades. Our Structural Glazing Technology is based on the use of stainless steel structures.

Five-S™ Solution is the latest cutting-edge alternative to conventional post-and-beam and point-supported structural glazing systems. What distinguishes it from any conventional structural glazing system is that it utilizes uniquely designed glazing modules (Five-S™ cartridges), which are anchored to the stainless steel substructure with special clips or pin-and-union fasteners (spiders), thus creating curtainwall or point-supported structural glazing respectively.

Five-S™ is called a solution rather than a system, because its design is always custom-tailored, and none of its components may be bought at the market of prefabricated facades.

  • Flexible design (no profiles!) gives way to the unlimited variety of architectural and structural solutions.
  • Stainless steel structural components ensure the highest durability of buildings and help to create their inimitable esthetic style.
  • The proprietary fastening system for insulating glass units (IGUs) ensures high structural reliability, easy installation and trouble-free maintenance of facades.
  • Different ways to anchor IGUs to glass-supporting substructure: curtainwall and point-supported (with spiders) solutions.
  • With spider fasteners no holes are made in the glass units; this widens the choice of materials from simple single glass to any kind of IGUs.
  • Maximum light in structural glazing for irregular-sized glass.
  • Glass supporting substructure may be made of different materials: stainless steel, wood, glass, black steel, etc.
  • Mounting of cartridges is 1,5 – 2 times faster compared to conventional structural glazing.
  • IGUs may be easily replaced, requiring no dismounting of supporting components.
  • Lowest heat conductivity due to no contact of glass and steel.
  • Dow Corning silicone«Dow Corning»is used both for fabrication and sealing of insulating glass units, and for joint seaming, thus ensuring exceptional safety and durability.
  • Diversity of technological solutions makes it ideal for translucent roofs, featuring various shapes and sizes.
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