Residential complex “Diadema”


Saint Petersburg


Spatial shell

Completed work

Design, production, installation

Project features

⫸ 110 meters continuous spatial shell atrium.
⫸ The translucent structure is both self-supporting and a subsystem.
⫸ Arc height 1200 mm, which allowed to maintain maximum visibility from the second floor.
⫸ The thickness of the shell with a double-glazed cartridge is 130 mm.

Stainless steel is used for the manufacture of sub-structure elements.
A unique way of securing double-glazed windows provides the necessary accuracy of joining the elements, the modular design significantly reduces installation time.

Glass in architecture

Quality Award

The project was awarded by the Union of Architects of Russia:
Diploma “For an original constructive solution and a high level of technical implementation of an architectural idea”



The main trend of the progressive architecture of today is the appeal to the sources of the surrounding nature.

Architects are increasingly abandoning the usual straightforward and cubic forms. They draw inspiration from real objects of the biological world, such as: waves, leaves, foam, cobwebs, nests, etc. and boldly transfer their forms and details to real architectural structures. Together with the desire of people of the current generation to maximize the opacity of the premises, new forms are created using structural glazing, and in particular, a whole direction in architecture – spatial shells.



Stainless steel structures are the embodiment of quality and strength (as you know, steel is 3 times stronger than aluminum), delight and elegance, subtly emphasize the impeccability of each architectural project.


The use of a modular glazing method is especially effective in tall constructions, but is also widely used in small architecture.


The above advantages also include the ability to integrate openable elements without compromising the appearance of structural glazing.


Saint Petersburg, Russia