Five-S – is a unique structural glazing technology.

Variability of solutions gives complete freedom in the design of translucent facades, roofs, self-supporting shells, canopy, winter gardens and more.

Glass is glued into a stainless steel frame, forming cartridges that can be installed on any kind of supporting structures
(stainless and carbon steel, wood, aluminum, glass, etc.)


rack-and-girth rail

Curtain wall

⫸ Cartridges made out of stainless steel and are latched into the rack-and-girth rail structure using special hidden fasteners (clips).

⫸ This type of fastening is widely used for modular glazing of facades, which significantly reduces the installation time.

Point fixing

⫸ Cartridges are attached using steel point mounts and are fixed directly to the supporting structure.

⫸ Spiders do not require holes in double-glazed windows and fasten through a dot mount to the frame of the cartridge.

⫸ Spiders are made individually for each project and can be of any shape and size.

Spatial shell

⫸ This solution combines the supporting structure and subsystem in one profile

⫸ It is used as a self-supporting shell for atriums, dome structures, anti-aircraft lamps, skylight, volumetric roofs and free-form facades

⫸ Polished or brushed stainless steel profile has a circular cross section up to 75 mm

Why do architects and designers choose Five-S?

  • We deliver any architectural concept thanks to flexible design technology (not a profile system!)
  • We work freely with jumbo-sizes of double-glazed windows, which provides maximum light openings
  • The bearing capacity of stainless steel allows the use of a smaller section profile, which makes the design more elegant and aesthetic
  • The width of the outer interglass seam is only 12 mm and without clamping elements
  • Individual spiders do not require drilling in the glass, so you can use more economical types of glass
  • Bearing substructure of any materials: stainless steel, wood, glass, black steel, concrete, etc.
  • We combine glass with other materials in a single cartridge (stone, composite, metal, etc.)
  • Mounting speed 1.5 – 2 times higher due to modular glazing
  • Tightness of constructure checked for decades

Advantages of Stainless Steel Structures

compared to aluminum systems


  • Special aesthetics of stainless steel
  • Added Property Value
  • Smaller bearing section
  • Combine with any materials (glass, concrete, wood, stone)
  • Do not require painting and special care
  • More resistant to hacking
  • No additional subsystems required
  • The width of the outer seam in the structural glazing is only 12 mm
  • Durability 2-3 times higher
  • Resistance to aggressive environment
  • Earthquake resistance 9 points
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Fire resistance

simple and difficult at the same time

Working with unique technology

It is simple in that we, as manufacturers, are confident in its limitless possibilities and in an excellent final result. After all, for us it is an everyday work that we love, we do professionally, and there are many confirmations for this. But, putting ourselves in the place of the customer, we understand how difficult it is sometimes to imagine a facade or a roof that is unlike anything else, that will exist in a single copy!

In this case, we try to support the architects as much as possible in their desire to create something special. That is how, such masterpieces as, the Philharmonic in Novosibirsk, where each double-glazed window is 5×2 meters, curved glass and weighs a ton, and it all rests on the “spiders” of our own manufacture.



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